Cup wonton soup



I came across a “cup wonton soup” down at the local woolworths. It’s was under two bucks, I was hungry, it was convenient for work.

You just open the packet and pour hot water over, but the contents were already soggy with broth.



0/5 wontons – no wontons in sight here, just a messy mix of something….

2/5 broth – this would have been quite fine minus the wontons, the mushrooms were a good taste

Well I’d only recommend to buy this if your crazy about finding out new wontons like me, or if you’re bored!

Pho Huang Gia – The Valley


In wanted to go to the usual Vietnamese, but they were booked out.
So we decided to try the one a few doors down.

It wasn’t as busy and the food came fast, wonton soup of course!


Wow the size of it was crazy! ( I did manage to finish it of course!)

4/5 service – quick and friendly

2/5 wontons – they were ok

3/5 broth – nice fresh broth

Not a bad place! Big portions, fast service. It’s a good alternative to the Vietnamese down the road if you ever can’t get in!

Yum cha Carindale Shopping centre


Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted… I’ve been busy at Bootcamp getting fit and haven’t been eating many wontons!
But it was time this week for a wonton fix so a friend invited us to the yum cha at Carindale Westfield. (In the new area food court)

It wasn’t too bad!


I was really happy that they had a small wonton soup on the yum cha menu!
Even happier once I tasted it and it was home made.


Shanghai dumplings were ok, Just lacking a bit of juiciness.


The BBQ pork buns were yummy – as they are everywhere.


We didn’t really like the fried pork dumplings too much, the skin was too thick and dry, the filling was also dry.


The steamed seafood dumplings were actually my favorite. They stayed together, we’re really tasted and the skin was light. Definitely order these!

3/5 service – friendly and efficient

3/5 waiting time- they were quick here, but when we wanted the bill, we were ignored

3/5 dumplings – I have had better!

4/5 wonton soup – next time ill be getting a big size!

This place isn’t bad, especially if you’ve just finished shopping and need a yum cha fix!
Otherwise I’d stick to good old Chinatown for yumcha!

Aldi frozen Yum Cha


We do our weekly grocery shopping in Aldi. This week I decided to pick up a packet of frozen yum cha for our Sunday snack.
Sure was keen to see what we’ll get for $5!



12 Spring Rolls
6 Dim Sims
4 Prawn Toasts
4 Money Bags


It was actually quite yummy, considering its frozen and just under $5!
It filled me and boyfriend up.

2/5 – big enough and tasty enough for frozen food!

Chinahouse Yum Cha


I’ve realized that I haven’t had one Yum Cha entry yet!! It is my favorite brunch in the world ( besides champagne)…

So after a concert and a few drinks this Saturday night I was well prepared for a Sunday yum cha session.

We randomly stumbled into Chinahouse Seafood restaurant in China Town.
It was packed and we somehow scored a small table next to the fishtanks.

The trolley was onto us in a minute and first up was pork and peanut dumplings and prawn dumplings….


Yummmmmy! This and green tea was just the right thing for us today!

We always get sticky rice with yum cha it just goes really well with everything and I love using it as a plate!


Siu Mai – one of my all time favorites!



And of course we can’t go without custard tarts and mango pancakes!

Love yum cha!!

3/5 service – weren’t the best waiters when we wanted extras

4/5 waiting time – had to wait a bit for sauce and water

5/5 dumplings – you just can’t go wrong at a place like this!!!


Satay Ria – Cannon Hil


I’ve always been keen to know what the Malaysian/ Chinese little restaurant is like in Cannon Hill Shopping centre. First because I love Malaysian food and second, it’s a tiny supermarket restaurant and I usually expect fatty, fast and below average food.
Satay Ria proved me wrong- great Nasi Lemak and chrispy chicken!

So we were having a lazy Saturday night and I was craving some wontons for a change ( and some deep fried anchovies), we decided to try this place.


They only had a small wonton soup but that was all I needed.


Plump housemade wontons- yes please!


Well , instead of Choy Sum, I got two snowpeas. But it’s about the wontons, isn’t it! The broth was definatley home made, really nice. The pork on top was ok.
The wontons were home made but a bit dry and I just couldn’t find any crunchy chestnuts. They were alright as an entree, if I had this as a main meal, I would have wished for a bit more juiciness and taste.

2/5 Wontons – slightly too dry

4/5 broth – really fresh and tasty

5/5 service – friendly staff and it didn’t take too long to cook our dinner

5/5 price – cheap and yummy! What a great place for yummy authentic malaysian food.

What really made my evening though was the main – my all time favorite, Nasi Lemak.


4/5 Nasi Lemak – yummy!

My new favorite place for Malaysian food!

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